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The Economy Chicken Coop

The Budget-Friendly Option From Burnett Affordable Buildings

Keep your chickens safe from predators and bad weather with this simple chicken coop from the top affordable chicken coop builder in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. Contact Burnett Affordable Buildings today to commission an affordable chicken coop for your chickens.


Advantages of an Affordable Chicken Coop

You may have chickens without a large farm, or maybe just a few chickens if you own a farm. If you need a smaller coop to accommodate a few yardbirds, the affordable chicken coop from Burnett Affordable Buildings might be all you need.

This chicken coop includes four nesting boxes, and you can add four more for just $120, or Optional External nesting boxes for just $320 for more interior room and gathering of eggs from outside of coop.  The coop includes a large, caged area with an open floor to access yummy bugs and dirt to scratch.

Typical Uses for an Affordable Chicken Coop

Lock your birds in the coop each night to protect them from foxes, raccoons, and opossums that might try to raid the nests or kill your chickens. Open the coop in the morning to let your chickens roam and come and go as they please. Also, they can take cover inside if the weather gets bad.

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Difference Between an Affordable Chicken Coop and a Deluxe Chicken Coop

The affordable chicken coop offers less space for your chickens and you. You also have fewer upgrade options compared to the deluxe coop. The economy chicken coop includes LP SmartPanel Siding, metal trim and a metal roof. You can’t upgrade to install an egg door on the affordable coop.

The deluxe coop offers more room, more stylish color options, more nesting boxes, and the option to upgrade with an egg door.

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Affordable Chicken Coop Specifications

See the specifications for the affordable chicken coop below. Contact Burnett Affordable Buildings with questions for expert advice from the top affordable chicken coop builder in Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma.

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