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Custom Shed Siding

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T1-11 Stained Wood Siding

Plywood T1-11 is also known simply as plywood siding. A versatile material, it can be stained to simulate a natural wood look, or it can be primed and painted. Our wood siding has two studs per seam, which helps it resist the tendency of woods to shrink. We utilize reliable, high-quality natural wood siding with a 5/8-inch to 1/2-inch thickness

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Metal Siding

Steel siding is an increasingly popular option for sheds due to the variety of ways it can be used, the ease of installation, and the longevity of the exterior metal wall panels. Matched with metal’s longevity and minimal maintenance, exterior metal wall panels have become increasingly popular. The horizontally run wall panels are often used for their ability to be run in longer lengths, creating a seamless line the length of a building. Metal siding offers durable, long-lasting protection against the elements.

LP SmartPanel

Treated Wood Flooring

LP SmartSide siding looks more like traditional wood because it’s made of wood strands and fibers treated with zinc borate to resist damage from termites and fungal decay. The SmartGuard® process adds strength with four protection components and helps the siding withstand impacts, freeze/thaw cycles, and high humidity. 

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Treated means that the lumber has been run through a process where an anti-rotting solution is injected into the wood’s pores to lengthen the wood’s life out in nature’s elements. 

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