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Custom Greenhouse Builder Serving Oklahoma, Texas & Arkansas

If you want to start greenhouse gardening or need to add a greenhouse for more plants, turn to the premier greenhouse builder in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. Burnett Affordable Buildings will build and install a new greenhouse to enjoy fresh produce all year long.


Advantages of Greenhouses

Protect your tomatoes, peppers, and herbs from extreme weather in a greenhouse. The clear material helps plants absorb sunlight without baking to a crisp in the direct summer sun. It also insulates against the cold during the winter, keeping the humidity inside high so temperatures don’t suddenly drop. You can even use heat lamps to maintain a warm environment inside your greenhouse.

We offer upgrades to add treated wood flooring for additional stability and to prevent bug intrusion. Additional upgrades include planting shelves, which could pull double-duty as workbenches, and auto vents. These auto vents will automatically open and close to maintain temperature and humidity according to pressure differentials working on the materials.

Typical Uses for Greenhouses

Grow tomatoes in winter, keep your favorite hot peppers year-round for pickling, turning into hot sauce, or enjoying fresh, and maintain the health of plants native to areas outside of your planting zone. If you love fresh produce, a greenhouse is essential to help you keep your favorites handy all year.

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Difference Between a Greenhouse and Other Portable Buildings

At Burnett Affordable Buildings, we’re not just your preferred greenhouse builder in Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma. We also construct several other kinds of portable buildings, including sheds, barns, garages, chicken coops, and more. The clear material of the roof and sidewalls of a greenhouse are essential to the function of your greenhouse, where other buildings use materials suited best for their function.

Greenhouse Specifications

See our greenhouse specifications below, and call Burnett Affordable Buildings for questions about our greenhouse designs.

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