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Livestock Barns & Animal Shelters Built to Order in OK, TX & AR

Turn to the top livestock barn builder in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas to shelter your horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, and more. Burnett Affordable Buildings can supply you with a livestock barn that includes a feed and tack room to suit your needs for 1-3 large animals, or more for smaller animals that can share a pen.

Advantages of Livestock Barns

Keep your livestock safe from the elements or keep them from roaming if they are sick or injured. Although most animals enjoy their time out at pasture, they also want a safe space to come back to at the end of a long day.

Our livestock barns include a feed and tack room with lofts for additional storage, plus built-in saddle racks for storing your riding equipment. Take your horse out for a ride straight from the barn.

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Typical Uses for a Livestock Barn

Keep everything from horses to goats to alpacas under cover at night. Wide gates prevent animals from getting out and predators or thieves from getting in. You may keep animals for any number of reasons, whether you sell the wool, enjoy trail rides, or keep therapy animals. Don’t let any unauthorized person intrude on their safe space.

Difference Between a Livestock Barn and Other Barns

Our livestock barns include feed and tack rooms and gates especially for keeping livestock, where the rest of our barns primarily offer storage for farm equipment, feed, and bedding. All our barns include lofted designs for additional storage.

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Livestock Barn Specifications

See our livestock barn specifications below to help you decide which model is best to suit your animal husbandry needs. For more information about the barns from Burnett Affordable Buildings, contact your premier livestock barn builder in Arkansas and Oklahoma today.

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