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Mini Barns Built to Order Serving Oklahoma, Texas & Arkansas

A mini-barn could be the perfect choice if you only need some additional storage on your farm or residential property! Choose the preferred mini barn builder in Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma, Burnett Affordable Buildings, to help you customize your mini barn.

Advantages of Mini Barns

Our mini barns offer a sidewall height of 4’, offering a total height comparable to a large shed. Choose from 8-12’ in width, offering sizes to accommodate your riding mower, extra feed, old tack items, and more.

If you love the barn look but live in a residential neighborhood, a mini-barn may be your perfect storage solution without taking up too much space like our larger barn options.

Mini Barns
MIni Barn Stained

Typical Uses for a Mini Barn

Keep smaller equipment, extra feed, and tools safely stored and easily accessible in a mini barn from Burnett Affordable Buildings. Get a mini barn from the expert mini barn builder in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas.

You probably won’t be able to use the mini barn as a workshop without windows for a cross-breeze, but the mini barn size is perfect for storing your tools, works in progress, and scrap materials.

Difference Between a Mini Barn and Other Barns

The mini barn is miniature, with 4’ walls and no space for windows like our lofted barn options. However, unlike our lofted barns, a mini barn will fit right into a residential backyard without becoming an eyesore to the neighbors. Choose from T1-11 stained or painted SmartPanel walls and either a shingle or metal roof. We offer over 20 paint colors and several polyurethane colors.

Mini Barn LR1

Mini Barn Specifications

See specifications for your mini barn below. If you need help deciding which barn solution is best for you, contact the premiere mini barn builder in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas, Burnett Affordable Buildings

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