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When some homeowners erect sheds on their property, they avoid prefab products because they fear low-quality sheds. Although some prefab manufacturers use poor materials or slapdash placement plans, the Oklahoma shed builders at Burnett Affordable Buildings produce quality prefab products. Below, we’ll examine why you should choose a prefab over building a portable shed. 

What Is Prefab?

The term “prefab” is short for prefabricated. It does not imply a lack of quality or skilled craftsmanship. It simply refers to a simplified construction method that makes building a shed much easier for you as a homeowner. Prefab sheds come with several advantages that many homeowners appreciate. 

The Advantages of Using Prefab Over Building a Portable Shed

Building a portable shed from the ground up requires time, construction skills, and architectural instincts. If you lack in any of those departments, you could needlessly imprison your project within various limitations. Additionally, prefab buildings come with many of the same perks as portable ones. 

#1. Highly Customizable

When you think of a prefab building, you likely envision the most basic storage shed on a home improvement retailer’s lot. However, manufacturers specializing in prefab buildings can craft sheds and accessory dwelling units to your liking. They excel in cutting and installing prefabricated materials into unique structural pieces that later form custom building shapes. 

#2. Quality Materials

Prefab doesn’t necessarily mean lightweight plastic unless you want lightweight materials. Many prefab structures consist of classic building materials, including:

After all, your shed wall must constantly withstand outdoor elements. You need materials that can weather direct sunlight, rainy weather, and harsh winds for decades. However, you must opt for lightweight materials when building a portable shed to facilitate movement and travel. If you don’t plan to move your prefab structure, you can choose heavier materials.  

#3. Convenient Construction

Manufacturers deliver prefab products in two ways. The first delivery method involves bringing the complete building to your property. The representatives will identify an appropriate area for placement and put the building in that area. 

Otherwise, they can drop off the required structural pieces. They’ll quickly assemble the components on your property within a day. 

#4. Speedy Turn-Around

Prefab buildings take much less time to erect than other shed varieties. Traditional sheds can take up to four months to complete construction. Prefab sheds require two months or less. They may arrive at your home in one piece or ready for speedy assembly, depending on the architecture and material. 

#5. Versatility

Finally, you can use prefab structures for just about any purpose. Choose durable materials for permanent structures. Connect electrical and plumbing networks to modernize it. You’ll have a fantastic tiny house or separate guest room. 

Use lightweight materials for buildings you may need to move. You can still implement some custom features to personalize your experience. 

Contact Burnett Affordable Buildings To Fabricate Your Sheds

Although building a portable shed seems tempting, opting for prefab structures offers more variety. At Burnett Affordable Buildings, we assist you throughout each step of the process, from choosing storage shed placement to delivery and construction. Call 918-276-2921 for a free quote.