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What Should Be Inside a Chicken Coop? 5 Important Features

what should be inside a chicken coop

You’ve decided to embark on the rewarding journey of chicken keeping, but you have a pressing question: What should be inside a chicken coop?  With so many designs and features available to keep your hens cozy and improve air quality, it can be overwhelming to determine what’s essential for your feathered friends.  In this guide, […]

5 Practical Advantages of Keeping Chickens in Your Backyard

Economy Chicken Coop

More and more people realize the benefits of organic farming and greener lifestyles. Every one of us is on the lookout for eco-friendly practices that will help us reduce our carbon footprint and improve our health. So, to make your life more self-sufficient, consider getting some chickens. Keep reading to find out the five advantages […]

5 Ways to Choose the Best Chicken Coop Size for Your Flock

Chicken Coop 1

Are you looking for the right chicken coop size? Maybe you’ve seen that cute chicken coop in the catalog and you want it for your chickens. Or you may have even started building your own chicken coop and are having second thoughts and second guesses. If you’re not sure what to do, here are some […]

Valuable Tips That Will Help You Raise Backyard Chickens

Chicken Coop 1

While there may be countless ways for you to spend your time productively while earning something on the side, most people tend to turn to opening their own stores or offering their own cleaning service. Of course, there is nothing wrong with those ventures, as they also tend to earn a lot over time. However, […]