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Have you ever found yourself struggling with clutter in your backyard, wondering what to do? Burnett Affordable Buildings has the perfect solution: a portable garage shed. 

This versatile structure not only organizes your outdoor space but also protects your belongings from the elements. 

In this guide, our expert cabin builders in Oklahoma will delve into the various aspects of selecting the right portable garage shed for your needs.

Understanding Your Storage Needs

When considering portable garages, it’s essential to meticulously plan what you intend to store. This planning is pivotal in making an informed purchasing decision, ensuring that the shed meets your specific needs. Portable sheds are versatile, allowing you to store a range of items:

You can ensure that you use your portable garage shed space effectively, providing a secure and organized space for your belongings.

Choosing the Right Size

The size of your garage shed depends on what you plan to store and how you intend to use it. If you plan to store a car or RV, choose a garage shed that is at least 12 feet wide, 12 feet high, and long enough to accommodate your vehicle.

To ensure optimal utility and accessibility, allocate at least six more feet to the length of the vehicle you plan to store and use that as the minimum garage length. For example, if your car or boat is 10 feet long, look for garages that are at least 16 feet long. Also, consider whether the garage door is large enough to fit the vehicle.

If you plan to store other items, consider these size guidelines:

Trust Burnett Affordable Buildings for Your Garage Shed Needs

While portable garage sheds from Burnett Affordable Buildings are durable and capable of withstanding the elements, they are not invincible. 

Regular light maintenance is necessary to ensure the longevity of all backyard sheds.

Selecting the right portable garage shed is pivotal for organizing and protecting your belongings. At Burnett Affordable Buildings, we strive to provide quality portable buildings that meet your specific needs. Our sheds are not just storage spaces; they are secure homes for your belongings, offering peace of mind. 

For more information on finding the perfect portable garage shed, contact Burnett Affordable Buildings at (918) 427-6005.