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You might consider getting a greenhouse if you’re thinking of growing your own fruits, vegetables, and flowers. These days, many people are opting for portable greenhouses over the traditional variety, but what’s the difference between them? As prominent greenhouse builders in Oklahoma, our team at Burnett Affordable Buildings offers this guide outlining the differences between portable and traditional greenhouses. 

Portable Greenhouses vs. Traditional Greenhouses

Traditional greenhouses are usually standalone structures consisting of metal framing with glass walls and ceilings. They offer exceptional environmental control and access to natural sunlight, making it possible to grow a variety of plants directly in the ground or in planters and pots. The glass structure shelters the plants from insects and wildlife. 

Portable greenhouses can do everything a traditional greenhouse can do, but these structures are movable. They’re a type of indoor farming that makes it possible for people living in urban areas or those without lots of land to grow flowers and crops in a contained space using artificial lighting. Technological advancements make indoor farming with portable greenhouses more efficient and accessible. 

If you own a portable greenhouse and relocate, you can bring your greenhouse with you. It’s not a structure you build onto the land like a typical greenhouse or high tunnel. 

Types of Portable Indoor Farms

Indoor farming with portable greenhouses or packaged farm buildings comes in several forms:

Types of Portable Greenhouses

Consider these options if you’re ready to invest in a portable greenhouse:

Get the Perfect Greenhouse for Your Property

If you’re ready to install a greenhouse on your property after learning what greenhouses do for plants, turn to Burnett Affordable Buildings. Proudly serving Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas, we are the go-to source for many types of structures like portable greenhouses, sheds, and gazebos. We dedicate ourselves to providing outstanding products with exceptional craftsmanship and quality materials. 

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